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Kubeera Banquet Hall

The event could be a family celebration. It could be a corporate business lunch, Maybe birthday bash, Social Gathering, training programme for the top level managers you want to have. It could be a launch of a product. Whatever the occasion and whatever the size of the group, we certainly have something for you.

You can choose from an array of Four different kinds of banquets, meeting, and wedding halls. Each hall is special with its own ambience and caters to different seating possibilities, in sync with the agenda of the meet.

Banquet Hall

Ideally used for Conventions, Seminars, Annual General Meetings, Product Launches, Receptions, Conferences, Etc. for 50 to 500 PAX capacity with acoustically projected built roof & walls. Also provided with spacious vallet parking.

Roof Top

50-500 Pax people can comfortably be accommodated in the rooftop banquet area. The 5000 sq ft floor space has witnessed many a dance step and cocktails with attached Kitchen.

Board Room

As the name suggests, the room is so designed so that you can maximize your business meetings and interactions. Our Board room can accommodate 15-20 Pax around the table. Our board room has the tools needed to make the meeting a success.

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